Math Club welcomes Shelby Jaramillo as the new President

After a special election was held Shelby, who was serving as an officer, was elected president and will finish out the rest of my term.

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Booth Week and First Meeting of the Semester!

Come by right outside of Brighton Hall and sign up for the math club mailing list to be notified directly of upcoming math club meetings, talks, and events. This Wednesday we meet for the first time to welcome new members and start planning out the semester. I hope to see some new faces!

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Professor Shannon’s talk moves to the followingThursday

Professor Shannon has chosen to move his planned talk to Thursday the 21st instead of Wednesday the 20th. This frees things up for our next meeting. If anyone has anything they want to volunteer to talk about next meeting (the 20th), we have had requests from professors to hear talks on student interests.

Please email me if you have a topic you want to share with the club.

See you today at 3:15 for cupcakes Mike Vollmer’s talk on Lambda Calculus.

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Math Club website is up and running!

Welcome everyone. This is the new website for the Math Club at California State University of Sacramento. This is meant to be a place for CSUS Math Club members, CSUS faculty, and CSUS Alumni to share all their math related interests and news.

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